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Elevate Your Management

Enhance Your Management of the Forest with Our Secure Platform. Streamline Information Flow for Seamless Operations Across Multiple Forests. Benefit from Better Insight, Greater Overview and Ultimately More Satisfied Customers with Our Solution.

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“ is an innovative forest management solution, providing fast and reliable services that simplify daily tasks for forest managers.”

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Thøger Hansen
Forest Manager, DK

Main Benefits and Features with this Solution.

Explore Functionalities Designed to Simplify Your Forest Management Tasks. Continue reading below to uncover more details.


Effortless Data Management

Gain better insight and overview with our solution designed for the demands of modern forestry. Rest assured, all your essential data, including geospatial, inventory and operations data are stored in one place.
Access your data effortlessly, whether you are on the move or at the office.


Run several properties simultaneously

Manage multiple properties concurrently by using tools that consolidate data and provide useful insights for streamlined operations planning. Run complex operations and avoid errors.


Effective communication

Enhance your communication with different stakeholders by effectively conveying information on economy, activities and statuses derived from  operations. Foster collaboration and drive success through transparent and engaging interactions.


Enhance your customer relationship

Share geospatial and inventory data, mutual agreements, activities, and their progress on a dedicated page created for your customers' property.

Improve your customer relationship, gain a deeper understanding of their needs, and benefit from stronger and more effective partnerships.

How to Get Started

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You will get a 21-day trial period to experience our platform when signing up. Once the trail ends, upgrade to our advanced solution, designed to accommodate your unique forestry needs.



The advanced solution is designed for forest managers, providing you with the essential features that simplify your work and store data in one place. Gain extensive overview and in-depth insights, and make it easy to navigate effectively - regardless of the diversity of your customer portfolio. Improve your customer relationship and benefit from stronger and more effective partnerships.

Whether you manage numerous smaller forests or vast, complex ones, our adaptable platform caters to your unique requirements, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Price on request

With this solution, enjoy key features such as:

Unlimited number of estates*
Unlimited number of linked maps
Unlimited maps sizes
Unlimited number of team size*
Advanced inventory and stand management
Advanced task board and project capabilities
Advanced GPS location and tracking
Data and map sharing capabilities
Different map layers and data sources**
Unlimited notes and annotations
Hassle-free printing of maps and reports
Import of existing forest maps and stand information
Extended technical support
* The account will be charged according to the usage
** Availability of different map layers and data sources may vary depending on the country.

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