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A person with our forest management solution on a mobile phone in the forest

Mobile Forest Management

Stay Connected with Our Mobile Platform. Streamline Field Data, Reduce Manual Errors, and Benefit From Offline Capabilities Allowing You to Work Efficiently in Remote Areas. Discover Our Built-in Mapping Features and Easy Navigation.


Dive into Our Mobile-Friendly Features for Forest Management.


Mobile Field Data Collection

Elevate your team's performance with our user-friendly mobile platform, designed to streamline field data collection and minimize errors.

Gather essential forest inventory data, including tree species, height, diameter, and age, using your mobile device’s built-in GPS features or connect a precision GPS via Bluetooth.

Save time, increase accuracy, and guarantee that your forest management data remains up-to-date at all times.


Offline Functionality & Syncing

Remain efficient in isolated areas with minimal or no connectivity, thanks to our platform's offline features.

Gather and update data in the field and then effortlessly synchronize your updates to the cloud once connectivity is restored.

This ensures that every team member consistently has access to the latest information, regardless of their geographical location.


Mobile Mapping & Navigation

Enhance your team's efficiency and productivity with our platform's integrated mapping and navigation feature.

Explore high-resolution satellite imagery, topographic maps, and customized layers displaying your forest's essential data.

Strategically plan field trips, set waypoints, and easily navigate to specific locations or points of interest within your forest, all from the convenience of your mobile device.


Our platform offers a range of features that attends to both simple and complex needs. Want to learn more about this specific solution.

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Enhance Your Forest Management with Our Mobile Capabilities. Improve Team Performance and Navigate Effortlessly.