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The management team looking at a tablet with forest software in the forest

About us

We want to help promote the transition toward a more sustainable future by providing a safe and high-quality digital forest platform that helps landowners, managers, or organizations to manage their forests in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.
We believe in the importance of Sustainable Forest Management; This means that we strive to balance the needs of economic development with the preservation of our natural environment.

We want to help our customers achieve this balance by providing the right tools to help them make informed decisions about managing their forests sustainably.

Our Management Team

CEO Jens Isbak


Jens Isbak

BSc EE & Executive MBA
Aalborg University
CFO and COO Henrik Neergaard-Petersen


Henrik Neergaard-Petersen

MSc AgEcon
University of Copenhagen
CTO Rasmus Pedersen


Rasmus Pedersen

MSc EE & PhD
Aalborg University
Our Story

Rooted in Nature,
Growing for the Future

It all began many years ago in small towns in nowhere. Surrounded by nature, our childhoods were filled with the simple joys of playing outdoors, getting our hands dirty, and experiencing the wonders of the forest.

A lot has changed since then; we have grown up and now have children ourselves. But one thing remains the same: our attitude towards nature and the forest. However, today we have a different understanding of why our forests are essential- and we know the crucial role the forest plays in our society, climate, and nature.

We wish that our children, now and in the future, should be given the same opportunities to experience healthy and sustainable forests.

Rooted in Nature
Growing for the Future

As our journey unfolded, we were fortunate to cross paths with Henrik, who started as a happy customer but quickly became a part of our small team, both as an investor and as a vital part of the operation and development.

With the unique skills and expertise that Henrik brings to the table, we are one step closer to achieving our goal: developing and delivering well-thought-out, effective, and relevant sustainable solutions that strengthen the forestry of the world.